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Tank 1990

About Tank 1990

Tank 1990 is a very popular free tank gun battle game. You will participate in an extremely thrilling and equally interesting competition.

Tank 1990 game will help you experience different interesting and attractive levels, each level is different terrain from easy to difficult. Your mission will control your tank and destroy all other tanks to level up. You can build your base as you want in the first levels, the later stages can't be built. You use the right items or choose the level for each match but it will be limited to a certain number. Besides, you protect your own base because enemy tanks will try to break your base. You can destroy bricks to create a path and bricks will be destroyed, stones need 3 stars or new guns can be destroyed, and watch out for trees to hide enemies, ice to help you run faster, water makes you insurmountable. The enemy has many different types of tanks, some will have to shoot a few bullets to be able to destroy. But don't worry too much, you should receive support items such as tanks, boats... to increase your strength to help destroy the fastest enemies. The items will all have their own advantages, helping you easily pass the game screen. The game Tank 1990 will completely end when you lose all your lives or your base is destroyed. You can play with your friends to play at the same time to help destroy enemies faster.

If you want to return to vivid childhood memories, Tank 1990 is a very reasonable choice. This is a game that gives players a feeling of enjoyment and great relaxing moments. Fighting with tanks is dramatic and no less exciting. So what are you waiting for, let's get ready for the tank battle right now?ss

How to play

Use the keyboard arrow to move the tank.

Use Space to fire.

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