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Stick Run

About Stick Run

Stick Running is a fun endless running game. You control a heroic stickman and guide him through an endless maze of platforms and obstacles.

A group of Stickman gets lost in tunnels floating around the world. They can get lost in the city, in the desert, in the winter rocks, and more. You will transform into one of them, running and jumping in the tunnels to find your way home.

How to play

Your mission is to run as far as you can, breaking your personal record of previous times. You need agility and experience to jump or slide in time to avoid objects. Things start out easy but then they become very difficult the further you go. Watch out for flying objects, rockets, and other spiky baddies, avoid them to survive, once you hit any obstacle, the game is over for you.

When you take a break, the rest will rest before you. If you fail, you will start from the level where you failed last. As your level increases, it becomes harder for you to run inside the infinite pipe.

Game mode

Stick Run challenges your reaction speed and running skills. You can choose to play with: Explore Mode or Infinite Mode. In exploration mode, you'll discover lots of new tunnels and areas and can unlock new characters along the way. In endless mode, you will run endlessly and will find gold scattered throughout the tunnels. You can use gold to unlock new characters and continue your run.

Play the game for free on all platforms here, let's experience the game and make sure you don't fall out of the tunnel if you don't want to lose. Wish you have a nice time.

How to play

Use the Up arrow to jump, press again to double jump.
Down arrow to roll.

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