Bubble Shooter
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About is a deep-sea multiplayer survival game. Here you play the role of a vicious shark in the ocean. You join a battle with players around the world. The fish are equipped with tusks that critically strike and knock down your prey while avoiding the sharp tip of the other player's stab. Don't forget to collect fish as loot, eat food to increase your strength, and dominate the sea. That is also your mission, constantly growing and dominating the rankings.
Each time you kill other fish, the length of your tusks will increase, giving you more power in your attacks. The more fish you stab, the higher your score will be. Use it to unlock more sea beasts like killer whales and hammerhead sharks.
You start with the base tusk, when you reach level 4 with the tusk you can upgrade your tusk to a trident, keep leveling it will be a saw blade and a chilled saw.
Jump straight into for an exciting experience, being the ultimate predator.

How to play

Use mouse to control the movement.

Press left mouse button to boost speed.

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