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Musical Bubble

About Musical Bubble

Musical Bubble is a fun bubble shooting game that is incredibly entertaining. The game's distinguishing feature is that when you touch bubbles of the same color, you will hear a distinct sound effect for the first time. The game's attraction is heightened as a result of this. Your objective is to achieve the greatest possible score on the leaderboard. Every time you touch a bubble, a different musical note will be played. Explode the balls on the board as rapidly as possible, similar to the old game, you must match at least three balls in order for them to go off the board. There are 100 levels to explore in the game, and the further you progress in the game, the more difficult it becomes. Make use of your power-up balls, which include explosives, fire, and lightning, to help you bust bubbles across an increasingly larger area. You can see how far you have to go to obtain that unique bubble if you look at the bottom of the page. When you make use of the unique bubble, the bar will be reset. In this free offline game, you can play and compose a beautiful melody.

How to play

Use mouse to aim and shoot.

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