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Cookie Clicker City

About Cookie Clicker City

Cookie Clicker City is the game city version of the famous Cookie Clicker game. The Cookie Clicker City game is released with a brand new version. The game is highly entertaining for children, it also attracts players of all ages. Your task is very simple, just click and create cookies. You use that result to build a modern and bustling city.

When you start the game you will come across the amazing landscape, click on the cookie every time so you get a cookie. You can also auto-click by purchasing the Pointer item. It helps you to automatically click cookies and earn one cookie every 10 seconds. As your cookies increase, you can buy new assets or upgrade your items. Use the created cake to transform the area from primitive to modern by purchasing architectural objects.

You can build up to 18 structures to help you grow your city and improve production efficiency. The game has around 600 upgrades and 700 unlockable achievements. There are also a lot of interesting things. The game has smooth graphics and great sound that brings a lot of exciting feelings to players. With simple gameplay, you can easily fight stress and have fun.

How to play

Use left click mouse to play. To make multiple mini cookies, click on the huge cookies above.

Click the house button to purchase the structure you desire.

Click the arrow icon to upgrade.

Click the cup icon to see your city's achievements.

Click the wheel icon to customize the game to your liking.

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