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About Bubble Game 3: Deluxe

Bubble Game 3: Deluxe is an expanded version of the classic bubble shooting game Bubble Game. New in this version is a shop that allows you to customize the look and feel. Shoot and break all the balls to move on to the next more difficult level to challenge yourself. Don't forget the number of balls is limited, so make the most of your shots efficiently. The goal is to pop the colorful bubbles before they reach the bottom of the screen. Play and enjoy lots of fun challenges and puzzles, and make sure to hit the goal of each level. Currently, there are four modes available: Puzzle Mode, Time Mode, Arcade Mode and Classic Puzzle Mode (World Map).
In Puzzle Mode you can play a total of 300 challenging levels and try to get 3 stars on each level. You will be given a limited number of shots to clear the bubble and you can earn up to 3 stars per level. You have 2 minutes to complete each level, but not enough time for most levels.
In Time Mode you will be able to set your own time limit and play all levels for a limited amount of time.
In the Classic Puzzle Mode (World Map) you will be able to complete a total of 300 challenging levels and try to get 3 stars on each level. You will earn unlimited shots but not enough time for most levels. If you're lucky enough to have extra time, you can also aim for more spots in the World Map.
Play the most fun and classic Bubble Shooter game now. This is the perfect pastime shooting game to play when you want to relax and clear your mind.

How to play

Use mouse to play.

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